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SHOPX unlocks
{{NFT}} community engagement to drive sales by changing the way you acquire and keep customers

ReserveX Token Gating

ReserveX is a platform designed to help e-commerce brands build stronger relationships with their customers and fans through loyalty programs. By using ReserveX, brands can create more meaningful connections with their audience and generate new streams of recurring revenue.

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Capture Product Insights

From the supply chain to the factory floor, and beyond, get insights that help you track your inventory and gain a greater understanding of your customer.

Create New Revenue Streams

Easily increase your bottom line and access a reputable, global inventory network designed to help you reach more customers without the costly overhead.

Customer Loyalty is Ownership

Give customers ownership of your loyalty program to increase customer-lifetime-value and repeat customers.

Reduce Bots, Counterfeit, & Fraud

Use ReserveX to prevent Bots from cleaning out your inventory and reselling your products to your loyal customers on the secondary market at higher prices.

Remove Costly Intermediaries

Our product suite helps remove 3rd party interference that takes money from your hands and affects your bottom line.

Strengthen Brand Confidence

Directly put highly-coveted merchandise in the hands of your most loyal, excited customers, ensuring access in an uncorrupted way, whether they are purchasing from you or on a secondary market.

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Make Web3 accessible for
your customers

SHOPX for Customers

SHOPX improves the buyer experience by preventing spam and fraud, while giving customers more control over their data, improving access to high-demand items, and growing communities of evangelists.

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Show Your Loyalty

Set up a Web3 wallet tied to your favorite brands so you can engage and receive perks and rewards.

Verified Ownership Enhances Reviews

Stop worrying about false reviews that trick you into buying fake or subpar products.

Fair Product Distribution

Say goodbye to messy, unorganized product releases that get flooded by bad actors. SHOPX ensures customers get their guaranteed place in line without the risk of bots buying up highly-coveted items before you can.

The Products Your Want, Faster

SHOPX empowers you to give feedback to brands so they can facilitate the production of in-demand products faster than ever before.

Exclusive Product Access

Brands are able to reward their most loyal customers by giving VIPs exclusive access to new merchandise releases in a way that’s not available to the public.

Track Ownership and Authenticity

No matter where you’re purchasing an item, you deserve to know that the product you’re buying is real and more about its history.

built for e-commerce

SHOPX gives brands the power to mint their own NFTs and create true interoperability of all e-commerce systems

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Branded passes that provide exclusive access to high-demand products


Attach NFTs to real-world assets to engage Web3 customers


Sell through a Web3 affiliate network that has low fees and high reach


Single-sided staking for improved SHOPX liquidity


ERP supply chain system built on DLT technology that integrates with public blockchains


Our L2 ZK-Rollup optimized for NFT


Bold innovation should be simple.

You shouldn’t need a background in computer science to understand why blockchain can transform your business. It’s as simple as this.

How SHOPX Works

Slashes inefficiencies with a brilliant, real-time global inventory system that synchronizes your products across all sales channels and prevents duplicate purchases.

Provides proof of ownership and authenticity for safer transactions.

Eliminates middlemen so you and your customers can share the savings.

Just you, your
customers, and a whole world of possibility.

SHOPX gives your brand more selling power and gives customers more reasons to shop with you.

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Exciting Rewards Programs

Reduced transaction fees for you, increase perks for your customers and create a whole new pool of enthusiastic supporters for your brand.

Increased Customer Loyalty

Keep buyers coming back again and again with exclusive access to your products and long-term membership benefits.

Lower Customer Acquisition Cost

Minimize exposure to outdated Web2 networks, stop bleeding customer data, and increase return on marketing ad spend.

More D2C Interaction and Sales

Grow your market with an expansive affiliate network, target customers directly, and create a better customer-to-business feedback loop.

Our platform empowers merchants with the tools they need to have more control over fees, data, and transactions, helping you grow your business and improve the customer experience one purchase at a time.

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