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Revolutionizing Loyalty & Growth Programs Revolutionizing Loyalty & Growth Programs

Build a community with branded digital assets (like {{NFTs}}) that reward customers, drive repeat business, and amplify social branding

Token Gating

ReserveX is our groundbreaking NFT token gating platform where exclusivity meets enhanced access control. ReserveX NFT technology lets brands control access to exclusive products, content, or features. This system incentivizes desired behaviors, rewards loyalty, and creates a sense of exclusivity, enhancing the customer experience by giving them agency and ownership.

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Customer Loyalty is Ownership

Give your customers ownership with NFTs to create a co-owned loyalty program that increases retention and drives more repeat sales.

Pure Profit

Change the philosophy from Customer Acquisition Cost to Customer Acquisition Revenue through NFT activations.

Reduce Bots, Counterfeit, & Fraud

Use ReserveX to prevent Bots from cleaning out your inventory and reselling your products to your loyal customers on the secondary market at higher prices.

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Onboarding customers to Web3

SHOPX for Customers

SHOPX simplifies the buyer experience for anyone new to Web3. Our quick and easy onboarding protects users from spam and fraud, while giving customers more control over their data. With Web3, customers gain quicker access to high-demand items and be part of the brand community.

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Loyalty that Pays You

Set up a Web3 wallet tied to your favorite brands so you can engage and receive member access, perks, and rewards.

The Products Your Want, Faster

SHOPX empowers you to give feedback to brands so they can facilitate the production of in-demand products faster than ever before.

Exclusive Product Access

Brands are able to reward their most loyal customers by giving VIPs exclusive access to new merchandise releases in a way that’s not available to the public.


Why customer ownership is important?

Big commerce exerts control over your customer base, where failure to pay them may result in diverting traffic to your competitors and those who offer higher bids. In contrast, SHOPX empowers customer ownership through digital assets, fostering repeat business without reliance on major tech platforms.

How SHOPX Works

Customer ownership is the proactive strategy of cultivating relationships, trust, and loyalty to fuel repeat business and enable brands to leverage an engaged customer base.

Brand ownership means taking full control over your brand's data and customer experience, creating a consistent and impactful presence that resonates with your target audience, independent of big tech.

SHOPX empowers brands by distributing decision-making, control, and ownership among the community, enabling greater autonomy, flexibility, and active participation in a liberated economy.

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No matter what industry your brand is in, SHOPX has a product to help increase customer lifetime value and drive repeat business.

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Fox Media

SHOPX helped FOX's upcoming animated comedy Krapopolis be as accessible and easy as possible for fans resulting in meaningful traction and a significant jump in the show's awareness.


SHOPX helped Magpark introduce Web3 to their customers which resulted in an 20% increase in revenue, 500% increase in conversions, and completely eliminated fraud and bots with 0 false positives.


SHOPX enables VaynerSports athletes to setup their loyalty program in minutes and create a community that rewards their biggest fans.

Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling is using SHOPX as a platform to launch their NFT memberships to make it easy for their customers to onboard to Web3 and gamify their Rumble Gaming strategy.

Our platform empowers merchants with the tools they need to have more control over fees, data, and transactions, helping you grow your business and improve the customer experience one purchase at a time.

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