5 Tips on Marketing a ReserveX Collection

author: Cyrus Taghehchian
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Web3 Marketing is Similar to Web2

Chances are, you just finished creating your ReserveX NFT collection. If you haven’t completed that step yet, check out Getting Started with SHOPX ReserveX, which will help you through that process.

This guide is meant for Web2 brands that need a hand breaking into the Web3 market, so you don’t necessarily need to have created a ReserveX collection to find value in reading this. In fact, any NFT collection that needs help with marketing can learn something useful here.

1. Marketing Strategy

There is a little more to it. I’ll cover the basics first.

When I start marketing for a new project, I create a Brand Message document. Some people call this a Brand Bible, and you may have one already. The difference here will be how you incorporate NFTs and Web3. Why are you using this new technology? What benefit is there to your customers?

Your new venture will need to be presented in a way that sticks. In order for most people to change their behavior, the benefit has to significantly outweigh the effort of trying something new. Use your existing customers to make focus groups in exchange for a reward or a whitelist spot.

Then, what I like to do is create a marketing calendar. Put every single task and milestone on the calendar and use it as a single point of reference for everyone on the team. If you will post a tweet about an article, then that article better be finished in time. It helps keep everything organized and maintains momentum.

Finally, it can really help to find some Web3 influencers to onboard as ambassadors. Good influencers have a lot of attention on them, and the only people who pay attention to Web3 influencers are Web3 users. Find one who may fit your aesthetic and offer them an affiliate link or some other incentive of your choosing. Free NFTs in exchange for promotions is often a good deal for anyone who believes in your product. Of course, if you can afford them, many will take paid promotions.

2. Twitter Shilling

Twitter is the home for NFT discovery. You may be thinking that you don’t necessarily want the attention of NFT buyers, but they are real people. There may be many who aren’t interested in your products, but chances are that the ones who buy your NFT bought it for a reason. Mag Park had a 50/50 ratio of Web3 natives and Web3 noobies. They also had an over 80% conversion rate on their sales. 80% used the NFT to buy a product.

One easy method for Twitter growth is the follow-back strategy. Find users who may appreciate your product and give them a follow/like/comment. This is the easiest, least invasive way to reach out directly to potential buyers. It’s time-consuming but effective.

Twitter spaces are also very easy, time-consuming, and effective. This is where you can speak directly to potential buyers and give them your best pitch. People who go to spaces are looking for opportunities. Not only that, but it’s a great way to build community, make friends, and potentially collaborate with other projects. You will also learn a lot about other projects, how they market, and how your product fits into the industry.

3. Discord Community

Once you have started building a Twitter following, start moving them into Discord. This is one of the most important tools for Web3 communities and any other community that might find it useful. It’s essentially a chat room that can be further divided into smaller rooms, and it’s a great way to organize your community.

Not all of the rooms have to be chat rooms. Some can be simply for organizing information. You can have one room for relevant info, one for official project links, one for related news, one for Twitter posts, and so on. And then you can have a room for questions, a room for chat, and a room only for people who hold your NFT.

Almost every Web3 community filters in from Twitter and gathers in Discord. There are also many bots you can add to your server to help automate many processes. It’s best to hire someone experienced to do this the first time. There are many little details, like fake user detection, that need to be addressed.

4. Email Communications

If you are creating an NFT collection, there is a good chance that you already have an audience to market to. These are going to be your most likely buyers. Be sure to keep them updated with a clear vision, educational material, a call to action, and a sense of urgency. Your customers should enter Twitter/Discord with a good idea of why they are there and what they need to do next.

Email is a great way to stay in your customer’s ears. But with a Web3 project, it is also a great way to ensure they get safe information. Sending official announcements through this channel helps ensure that your customers won’t get scammed or click the wrong link.

5. Public Relations

Honestly, Web3 natives love real-world value and doxxed project founders (doxxed means your identity is revealed). You may think that your project doesn’t fit into the crypto space, but it does! It’s exactly what NFT buyers are looking for. Real-world value, real founders, real projects.

That being said, buyers want to see your face and want to see you come up on google. Putting out a press release, a couple of articles, a video interview, and then promoting them on your socials will add a strong layer of legitimacy to your marketing campaign. Trust me, people will appreciate your experience and success. You already have a profitable business model. You’ve already proven yourself. Use that.