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ReserveX is the most powerful customer retention tool

No need to build complicated code or applications.
We’ve already done the work for you.

No need to build complicated code or applications.
We’ve already done the work for you.

SHOPX Products


ReserveX creates a Web3 sales channel by creating token-gated product experiences that reward loyal customers with exclusive access to products and perks.

ReserveX Pass

Create NFT token-gated product experiences that reward your most loyal customers with exclusive benefits and access to products.


The ReserveX Pass replaces the need for coupon codes and ambassador programs.


MintX tokenizes your products as eNFTs so that you can engage with your customers in Web3. eNFTs can be stored in a white-labeled wallet branded to personalize the experience for your customers.


This is SHOPX’s native wallet that can be branded to your logo and colors and may grow to incorporate AR and VR in the future. Users can manage their SHOPX eNFTs.

SHOPX Artifact

Take back your control over your metadata and allow customers to easily prove their ownership of items.


CommerceX increase sales by supplying or retailing high-quality products with other top brands. CommerceX pools all inventory eNFTS from all brands onto the blockchain to create the world's open inventory system.

SHOPX Affiliate

Allows brands to mint an eNFT to represent a real-world product. Affiliates can access this public inventory of eNFTs to sell within SHOPX Ecosystem.

SHOPX Secondary

Enables the trading of eNFTs leading up to a drop. Community members may decide to hold their eNFTs, or sell them to other consumers.

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Upcoming Products

SHOPX is building a suite of Products to help brands increase their Customer Lifetime Value and decrease Customer Acquisition Costs. The following products are in testing and if interest, connect with us to be the first users!


The SHOPX NFT minting smart contract layer can be considered an NFT minting factory for brands. This is an NFT service that allows brands to mint their own white-labeled, brand-specific NFTs that are compatible with their e-commerce store.


ProtocolX yields ETH from the minting of NFTs. Users and brands who hold SHOPX will be able to stake SHOPX in PoolX to create a full pair of SHOPX/ETH. They will then receive LP rewards for providing liquidity. Normally, users would need to stake both sides of a pair in order to access this function and receive rewards. This is a hassle, even for native users.