Unlocking Ecommerce Potential: Leveraging RWA Protocols That Unlock New Liquidity and Growth

author: Pete Frost
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Pioneering the Future of Ecommerce through Real-World Asset Tokenization

SHOPX: Pioneering the Future of Ecommerce through Real-World Asset Tokenization

In the rapidly evolving world of ecommerce, SHOPX is leading the charge by harnessing the power of real-world asset (RWA) tokenization. With TVL across real-world asset tokenization protocols surging almost 60% since February (Messari) and RWA protocols nearing $8 billion in TVL, the interest and potential of these markets is undeniable.

Enter The SHOPX Ecosystem: Tokenizing Real-World Assets for the Ecommerce Industry

Recognising the unparalleled benefits to both ecommerce brands and their customers, the SHOPX ecosystem aims to leverage the growing demand for tokenized real-world assets, such as inventory, luxury goods, vehicles and collectibles. By bringing these assets onto the blockchain, SHOPX ushers in a new era of ecommerce characterized by new liquidity, improved revenue channels, fractional ownership, and scaling customer life time value.

The unlock of new liquidity and Accessibility

The tokenization of real-world assets ushers in novel liquidity events at an unprecedented scale. As assets are tokenized, new buyers enter the market to invest, buy and trade, driving volume and growth to protocols that can facilitate access to unique assets and experiences. As brands become familiar with web3 products and services, new products in the form of membership passes, digital experiences and DeFi services will meet growing customer demand. This opens up new avenues for businesses to raise capital, create better products and craft new experiences for their customers. For brands with access to the SHOPX ecosystem, the ability to leverage novel market dynamics means efficient and consistent growth with proven accessibility models.

Improving existing revenue channels

By tokenizing physical inventory and digital products, brands can tap into the growing market of crypto owning consumers thereby improving existing revenue channels and negating checkout botting.

SHOPX brand partners have witnessed remarkable success, with high conversion rates from tokenized asset buyers to repeat product purchasers. The tokenization of assets allows store owners to better predict sales based on tokenized asset sales, as customers who purchase these assets are highly likely to be interested in the exclusive products or experiences they unlock. Furthermore, tokenized assets allow for programmable online experiences, only available to the asset holder. This negates checkout botting, a growing problem in the ecommerce industry, where product is swept up by checkout bots before organic customers have an opportunity to purchase. Initial revenue from product sales may stay the same as the checkout bots still need to buy the product, however what is lost, is consumer trust and life time value through diminished likelihood of return purchases. Through implementing tokenized assets, botting becomes significantly more expensive and challenging for would be resellers.

ReserveX: The Key to Unlocking New Revenue Opportunities

ReserveX, one of SHOPX’s tokenization products demonstrates the success of tokenized products in the marketplace. A Shopify app and WooCommerce plugin, ReserveX enables businesses to easily integrate tokenized assets and efficiently them to their audience. These assets can be purchased using ETH or credit cards, making them accessible to both crypto enthusiasts and traditional customers.

By linking a brands ReserveX collections to specific products in their online storefront, brands leverage game mechanics and novel market dynamics to retain and engage their audience longer, thereby reducing acquisition demands and increasing bottom line revenue.

Fractional Ownership and Democratization

RWA tokenization enables fractional ownership and access to products and experiences for customers who otherwise wouldn’t fit a brands ICP. By democratizing access to high-value assets, customers can now engage, experience and own a piece of their favourite brands products or service, creating a new type of customer. By unlocking deeper liquidity through fractional ownership, brands can deliver new experiences that foster loyalty and improve LTV (Life-Time Value) between businesses and their audience.

Creating life time value by empowering Businesses and Customers through RWA Tokenization

As brands embrace RWA tokenization with SHOPX and join the growing billion dollar industry, not only will they discover new revenue streams but strengthen customer relationships which will drive higher LTV. As paid media gets more expensive, it becomes increasingly challenging to retain a profitable ROAS (Return on Ad Spend). With generative AI saturating media channels, consumers are becoming increasingly fatigued which drives ever increasing targeting costs and profit dilution. To stay competitive and profitable, brands will need to focus on keeping their existing customers to stay competitive in the ecommerce space. By leveraging SHOPX’s RWA tokenization products, brands improve their customers LTV. Typically, brands using ReserveX experience:

  • Increased customer engagement and loyalty through fractional ownership
  • Direct customer communication channels
  • Own customers proprietary data instead of intermediaries (That sell data to competitors driving ad spend to compete on targeting)
  • Streamlined and secure transactions using blockchain technology
  • Potential for increased brand value and market reach

The Future of Ecommerce with SHOPX

Join the SHOPX Revolution

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