AI Creator

Welcome to the SHOPX AI Community Content Creator

What is it?

The knowledge base is specifically trained on SHOPX and value position in the market. It combines SHOPX Specific brand knowledge with a series of specialised AI content agents that can take community ideas and convert them into compelling content.

What should I write?

Ideas that come to mind, trending news, viral topics, popular tweets or threads. Any content that resonates with you and your understanding of SHOPX can be effectively synthesized by the system and recreated into compelling content that supports SHOPX and its value position in the market

How to use it:

Select the SHOPX Bubble in the right hand corner.

Select who you have a content idea for.

Select Content Creation

Choose the type of content you would like to create.

Write your content idea. In this environment approximately 200 – 400 characters or about 1-6 sentences works best. 

Confirm you are happy with the content produced or change it with feedback.

On completion, select save to Trello for the Content team to review it before posting.