Getting Started with SHOPX ReserveX on Shopify

author: Cyrus Taghehchian
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Everything You Need to Know to Use the Shopify App

I previously wrote about how to use ReserveX, but a few improvements have come through since then and I wanted to make sure to provide a simple, up-to-date guide focused solely on this app.

Create Your Collection

First, we will create the collection and the parameters, such as the visual elements and the price.

Step One: Visit the Shopify App Store. Search and install the SHOPX app.

Step Two: After installation, visit your Shopify account page and click “Apps” on the left-hand toolbar. Launch SHOPX.

Step Three: Click “Use SHOPX ReserveX”.

Step Four: Click “Create New +” to generate a ReserveX Pass.

Step Five: Complete the required fields. Some details you will need include: ReserveX Pass name, picture, description, and logo.

You can then set how many passes will be created, how many each customer will be allowed to have, and the price per pass.

Step Six: Connect your brand wallet in the bottom right-hand corner to collect the ETH from your ReserveX Pass sales.

Step Seven: Create your branded landing page by filling in the required fields so your customers can purchase your ReserveX Pass. You can see on Step Four of this section where to find the link to your landing page (Go To Drop Page).

Click “Done” and congratulations, you’ve created your first ReserveX drop!

Interact With Your Collection

Now I will show you a few things you can do with your collection now that it is created. This will include integrating it with your Shopify products and interfacing with your customers.

Step One: Select the products to Token-Gate. Click “Browse to add”.

This will provide exclusive access to Shopify products to ReserveX Pass holders. You can also choose the times/dates that this exclusivity will begin and end.

This window will pop up. Once you have chosen the products to integrate, they will appear in the menu above where they can be further customized by the date and time.

Step Two: Add wallets to your “Whitelist”.

The “Edit Whitelist” link is right next to the “Review” button and below the “Go to Drop Page” link from Step One of this section (or Step Four from the previous section).

Your customers will need to be familiar with cryptocurrency enough to have a digital cryptocurrency wallet. A wallet “address” is a string of numbers that identify a crypto wallet.

If there are customers whom you wish to have guaranteed access to buy an NFT from the collection, you can add their wallet addresses here. You will need to collect their addresses first, preferably in a google or excel sheet.

Step Three: Familiarize yourself with the customer experience.

See examples of landing “drop” pages. Click “View pass drop” on the first example project. When the drop is live, click “enter to win” and connect your wallet. It’s as simple as that!

Watch our “Brand Walkthrough” for a more detailed video walkthrough of how to make a ReserveX Collection. Hopefully, this guide will be enough to get you through the process. The app was made to be as simple and as intuitive as possible, but for those who are not crypto-native, it may help to have a few pointers along the way.