Happy National Philanthropy Day From SHOPX

author: Cyrus Taghehchian
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What is National Philanthropy Day? It’s a little-known day meant to recognize philanthropic contributions around the world. It is celebrated every 15th day of November. It started in 1986 with Reagan and was even officially recognized in Canada in 2012.

A few things you can do today to observe the event are to:

Volunteer. Look up an activity that might interest you, like helping hospital patients, packing food into boxes, or doing some gardening.

Promote on social media. Not many people know about this day, and it could help spread awareness for it, which could in turn spread awareness for the cause it stands for.

Donate to a charity. Even if you don’t have much to spare, many charities will take as little as $3 a month. Of course, you can always donate your time with the first suggestion.

CharityX Empowers Philanthropy

CharityX is a SHOPX tool that allows charities to create NFT collections in order to raise funds. Donors can purchase one of these NFTs in place of a traditional donation. There are many benefits of receiving an NFT in exchange for a donation.

  1. The NFT can be used to unlock exclusive merchandise and as a ticket into like-minded communities of other donors.
  2. Cryptocurrency transactions are instant and global. It is a borderless transaction in which anyone can participate.
  3. The collectible nature of NFTs allows donors to showcase their donations with irrefutable proof of their contributions.

Giving an NFT to a donor increases the chance that they will become a super donor because of the increased level of interaction and value given to them. Typically, when a donation is given, the donor never hears from the charity again. They may soon forget about it. The NFT collectible helps maintain their interest and connection to the project.

CharityX recently partnered with TECHO, a youth-led non-profit organization that works in informal settlements to create a just society without poverty. Today over 200 million people live in poverty in Latin America and the Caribbean, without a proper home, potable water, sewage, or electricity access. Their mission is to change that reality, working to create system-changing solutions to end poverty and shape a future we all want to live in.

TECHO is offering 1000 NFTs at 0.04 ETH each (about $50). Each individual will be limited to owning 200 NFTs.

If you are a charity or a brand that would like to partner with a charity, feel free to schedule a meeting with us to go over your options. Let SHOPX help you create an innovative and exciting fundraising campaign so that you can continue giving back to the world in such an incredible way.!