Introducing SquadX: Get Paid to Support SHOPX

author: Cyrus Taghehchian
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Become an Ambassador

We’re happy to announce SquadX — the program that pays SHOPX license token holders in ETH for supporting the growth of the SHOPX ecosystem.

So, how does it work? As a license holder, you can stake your SHOPX tokens to become a SquadX ambassador. You’ll be issued an official NFT badge as a key to our private Discord server and gain access to marketing materials, content, and future merch. As an ambassador, you will be tasked with spreading the word about SHOPX and helping to entice more brands into using the platform and growing the community.

The best part? You’ll be paid in ETH for your efforts!

50% of the revenue generated from the ReserveX minting fee on our platform will be distributed to ambassadors for helping to support our expansion. The smart contract will determine how much ETH each ambassador can claim at the end of each week based on the percentage of license tokens staked by the individual.

The more tokens you stake, the higher involvement you will have when it comes to marketing SHOPX to the public. And the more you stake, the more you’ll earn. The ambassador’s responsibilities will be managed by the honor system, and top performers can even earn extra! To mint your ambassador badge, all you have to do is stake your tokens for 90 days. The NFT badge will be free plus gas and there’s no unbonding period for staked tokens.

Our project was founded on the principle that the community knows what’s best for the project. By giving you the power, we know that you will help the project succeed and, in turn, be compensated as a result of the growth of the platform. You will become an active participant in our success. As you help bring in more brands, you will be able to receive earnings for your contributions.

We’re doing this to create a powerful grassroots movement of individuals who understand their demographics best. We believe that this decentralized marketing team will be the most effective method to reach mass adoption. SHOPX and its community will rise together.

Here’s a breakdown of the different roles:

Level 1 — Bronze: 10,000–49,999 SHOPX staked

Level 2 — Silver: 50,000- 99,999 SHOPX staked

Level 3 — Gold: 100,000–249,999 SHOPX staked

Level 4 — Platinum: 250,000–500,000 SHOPX staked

To give you a quick idea of the relative earnings from this system, imagine that a license token holder staked 5% of the total SHOPX license tokens that were staked in the program. They would then receive 5% of the ETH distributed to the ambassadors.

As a SquadX ambassador, you’ll also get access to perks such as exclusive info, special events and training from our team of industry leaders, company swag, and more.

Become a freedom fighter in the movement toward a decentralized marketplace. Join SquadX to elevate both our brands together. Join Discord and open a ticket if you have any questions.