SHOPX Partners With TECHO For First CharityX NFT Collection

author: Cyrus Taghehchian
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SHOPX Partners With TECHO For First CharityX NFT Collection

Thanks so much to Jordan Maxwell of CharityX and to Charity Brands for helping put this amazing partnership together. For their 25th anniversary, TECHO created a CharityX NFT collection as a way to accept donations and give something back to their community.

TECHO is a youth-led non-profit organization that works in informal settlements to create a just society without poverty. Today over 200 million people live in poverty in Latin America and the Caribbean, without a proper home, potable water, sewage, or electricity access. Their mission is to change that reality, working to create system-changing solutions to end poverty and shape a future we all want to live in.

CharityX leverages a large part of the ReserveX technology and makes use of an important new addition to the utility of the app, which is the “agency” tool. With this, any new ReserveX or CharityX collection can designate an additional wallet that will receive a portion of the funds. This can be used for agencies to collect their fee, or it can be used for charities to collect a portion of the proceeds. It can also be used the other way around, where the charity creates the collection and sends a portion to their promotional/marketing partner in return for the value created by the other party.

By replacing traditional donations with NFTs, donors have access to a few important benefits:

TECHO is offering 1000 NFTs at 0.04 ETH each (about $50). Each individual will be limited to owning 200 NFTs.

Purchasing 10 or more NFTs will enter the donor into a raffle to join a TECHO building trip in 2023

The NFT collection went live Friday, October 28, 2022, at 00:00 AM EST.

For those of you who may not know how to get involved with blockchain technology, just follow the few easy steps below.

Option 1 — Purchase with a debit or credit card

Option 2 — Purchase with ETH

What you will need is to download a free browser extension called “MetaMask”. Download and follow the short instructions. Make sure to write down your recovery phrase and keep it somewhere safe. This is the digital wallet that will hold the NFT.

Then click this link HERE to visit the TECHO-CharityX landing page.

Click “View pass drop”.

Click “Connect Wallet” in the top right corner, click “MetaMask,” and then type in your password if a window pops up in the top right corner. If no window pops up, a string of numbers will have replaced the words “Connect Wallet”. This means you are already logged in and connected.

Now you are ready to click “Mint,” choose how many you want to mint, and then click “Buy with credit card”.

And then you’re done! Your MetaMask digital wallet will then be holding your new TECHO NFT. Because of the nature of blockchain technology, you will own your NFT for life; a digital certificate of authenticity.

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