SHOPX Squad Discord Server Is Now LIVE

author: Cyrus Taghehchian
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SHOPX Squad is changing how we do crypto communities

It’s finally time to officially reveal the SHOPX Squad. Join the Discord server HERE!

Back when we first created the Squad, it was a private Discord server, invite-only. After testing and talking and thinking and much debate, we decided to open the door to the public.

The major discussion within the Squad was how we can keep a registration process and a level of exclusivity, but that cuts into the SHOPX ethos. Rather than that, we will simply use Roles.


Roles will determine each member’s involvement and will decentralize the Squad. Each Role will have new benefits plus all of the benefits of the Roles before it. If a member does not have a role, they can still chat in the public room and hang out in the public voice chat.

  • To obtain a role, members in the Discord group will either need to verify the number of tokens in their wallets -or- come recommended by their peers.
  • Members in each Role can vote to promote a member in the Role directly below them.

Roles and Benefits after verification/promotion:


Requirements — Hold at least 1000 SHOPX -or- 30 votes from Interns.

Benefits — See the private channels. This gives you access to Quests, private announcements, group votes, giveaways, and more. Propose a vote to promote a member without a role.

+10 fraud bounty


Requirements — 10,000 SHOPX -or- 20 votes from Associates.

Benefits — Post pictures and use Voice Activity instead of Push to Talk. You can also use music controls, change your nickname, and create threads. Propose a vote to promote an Intern.

+30 fraud bounty


Requirements — 100,000 SHOPX -or- 15 votes from Ambassadors.

Benefits — This is a Mod-level role. You can kick members, manage their nicknames if inappropriate, “@” everyone if needed, and can join the Community Leader channel. Propose a vote to promote an Associate.

+60 fraud bounty


Requirements — 500,000 SHOPX -or- 10 votes from Seniors.

Benefits — You can delete inappropriate messages and pin messages. You can also be Priority Speaker, mute other members, and join the Executive Office channel. Propose a vote to promote an Ambassador.

+100 fraud bounty


Requirements — 1,000,000 SHOPX -or- 5 votes from Executives.

Benefits — Permanently ban members, put them in timeout, and add new emojis to the server. Propose a vote to promote a Senior. Propose a group vote.

+200 fraud bounty


Requirements — 700,000,000 SHOPX -or- Be Cyrus

Benefits — E-Commerce Demigod perk, can mint NFTs with his mind, and can Bestow Blessings.


Every week, there will be a Quest available to members with a Role. Each member will be reimbursed a small amount of SHOPX based on the details of the Quest. Some may come in the form of a contest where there are few winners, but most Quests will simply be by participation. These tokens will be airdropped on a monthly basis.

  1. Quests are self-reporting and are based on the honor system.
  2. Any member who flags a false report can receive a fraud bounty.
  3. The first person to flag a false report in the fraud-bounty channel will get the reward.
  4. Higher roles will receive higher bounties.
  5. Any member who is caught legitimately cheating will be banned.

We’re putting our trust in the community, but there will be a layer of fraud prevention as well. It will be difficult for our team to keep an eye on so many members at once, but it also gives the community another way to earn tokens.

Once caught, cheaters will be banned without warning. Please be respectful and honorable.

Our Vision for SHOPX Squad

Our original vision for the group was to find a way to give community members a sense of ownership of SHOPX.

In other words, we want community members to be brand ambassadors, affiliates, and shop owners themselves. We want this to be a powerful networking tool for brands and entrepreneurs. Imagine being in the room with the Jeff Bezoses of the SHOPX ecosystem.

Brands that use the platform will have SHOPX in their wallets. Why not use that as a tool to get into an exclusive e-commerce communication hub? Share tips and tricks, new use cases, opportunities, and partnerships. Collaborate. Find new employees who you know are deep in Web3.

On a broader scale, SHOPX Squad will be a tool for the community to help spread the word about our platform with depth and precision. The way current social media algorithms work, fast and consistent engagement tends to boost posts higher in people’s feeds. We can work together to make SHOPX trend on all platforms and take ourselves straight to the moon.

There will be plenty of room for the Squad to grow and evolve. We’re just getting started! Look out for the first Quest in a day or two.