The Sneaker Heads x Mag Park ReserveX Collection Highlights

author: Cyrus Taghehchian
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The Sneaker Heads x Mag Park Launch Was a Huge Success

The Sneaker Heads x Mag Park ReserveX Collection by Ali Dawood of Sneaker Heads and Miki Guerra, recently finished minting. Here are some highlights from the drop, how it worked, and how well it went. But first, a little about the two founders and their companies.

Miki Guerra, the legendary hat designer, founded Mag Park in 2015 in the heart of the media capital, Burbank, CA. It is a retail destination that combines sneaker culture with art, music, and basketball. With a pro-grade basketball half-court, a nightclub-caliber DJ booth, and an extensive art collection, Mag Park has become a staple in the world of influencers. Miki Guerra has also made a name for himself in the hat scene, with designs like the reverse pink mocha LA dodgers hat selling for upwards of $800 on the secondary market. Mag Park is more than just a retail marketplace. It’s an authentic experience that is accessible to adults and children of all ages.

Sneaker Heads, founded by Ali Dawood, is creating the largest sneaker community on Web 3.0. This community is a canvas for collaborations, physical and digital, bringing real utility to sneaker culture. Community is at the heart of sneaker culture and Sneaker Heads is more than just another avatar project. When you join Sneaker Heads, you’re joining the urban community of the future.

For this collaboration, Ali and Miki have worked together to create a custom Sneaker Head #32 silhouette that features Mag Park New Era hats. The awesome collaborated art shown in the header image is the Sneaker Head NFT with one of Mag Park’s hats on it, a perfect match. There are 11 different colorways, each correlating to 11 physical hats that are claimable for free for people who minted the NFT.

The mint was a 51-hour limited edition drop, and the final quantity was based on how many were sold within that time frame. The mint took place across 3 stages, with the first stage being a VIP stage with first priority minting and the lowest mint price.

Stage 1 was on January 18th, 10 a.m. CET. It was open for 24 hours and only to Sneaker Head #32 holders, or Mag Park NFT holders, including Reverse Pink MochaWorld Famous, and Mango Lava for 0.099 ETH.

Stage 2 was on January 19th, at 10 a.m. CET and was also open for 24 hours to whitelist holders for 0.12 ETH. And Stage 3 was on January 20th, 10 a.m. CET. It was open for 3 hours to all Sneaker Head holders. Each holder was allowed 1 mint per wallet at 0.15 ETH

The utility of this collab was incredible. Holders could claim a free, limited-edition physical hat of their chosen color with free shipping. They will also have access to a physical hat from every other future Mag Park collection. This is important because of the high demand for these hats. Holders also get a 10% discount on wholesale brands at Mag Park.

On the Sneaker Heads side, holders get full access to the Sneaker Heads Discord, an OG Role, and of course the clean, eye-catching, 3D art that comes with the NFT.

Sneaker Head’s goal was to sell 100 products as a result of this promotion. With 106 NFTs minted and 95 product sales from NFT holders, this target can be considered a success. Brands can take note here that this equates to a nearly 95% conversion rate of NFT holders to product buyers. This is exactly the type of metric that makes ReserveX so important. Holders are supposed to want what is being token-gated, and this has been shown to be the case each time.

Both communities were able to grow on social media and increase engagement. SHOPX also enjoyed social media growth including over 50 new members in Discord. This was due in part to two interesting tactics. One was to have community members post the same or similar phrase over and over with details of the promotion summed up in one clear and coherent tweet. A template for all to follow. This gave readers a feeling of FOMO, seeing their feed filled with hype about the promotion. It also gave them all the important information they needed to know what they were missing and why to get involved.

The other tactic was to use a gleam-style Quest3 campaign to ensure engagement on all social media targets, including follows and post likes, with the prize being 5 free NFTs from the then-upcoming collection. This put the community to work, evangelizing the collaboration and placing engagement where it needed to go. It was also a strong incentive, giving out a free NFT that would most likely lead to a sale regardless.

Sneaker Heads and Mag Park used SHOPX’s ReserveX app on Shopify to create this NFT collection. Mag Park utilized SHOPX in the past for their three-tiered ReserveX collection, but Sneaker Heads already had an NFT line. So what was the benefit of using SHOPX rather than adding a few more to their own collection?

SHOPX makes it easy for brands with merch to connect through collaborations. ReserveX Pass collections can be created in minutes, and the Passes are instantly compatible with Shopify online storefronts. If one of the brands uploads the new product to their store, it can be connected to the ReserveX Pass at the same time. The app also makes it easy to split the revenue and track sales made through the use of the Pass.

This creates a huge incentive for customers to pick up a Pass because it is the direct link between them and the new product that their favorite brands worked to create. It adds fast utility and creates awareness about the product with a fresh promotional strategy. And customers who hold a pass have been shown to be highly likely to utilize it based on previous conversion rates. This not only leads to product sales but leads to measurable demand.

If you missed out on this opportunity to own a piece of sneaker and streetwear history, make sure to follow both projects on social media to stay up to date.